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24/08/2011 16:29

Computer Memory A Vital Part of a PC

Any device that holds data for a computer for a short period of time is called computer memory. If you have spent even just a little time with any computer, you will hear about RAM, Hard Disks, or CD's and DVD's. All these are means to store the information from a computer. The capacity and speed...
29/07/2011 19:24

Properly Cleaning Your Computer

  A regular cleaning of your computer means a considerable improvement in its effectiveness. You should dedicate 20-30 minutes every 3 months to clean your computer. Here are a few tips: - Computer keyboard cleaning. Your keyboard gathers a lot of dust and dirt. The keys become sticky and...
29/07/2011 19:22

Data Disaster Recovery Plan

  Description: Data Disaster Recovery - Data disaster recovery plan is not a new idea. It came into being when corporates realized the importance of losing critical and sensitive data to uncommon incidents like earthquakes, floods, etc. Keyword - is a leading IT Support Company...
29/07/2011 19:10

How To Recover After A Virus Attack

PC viruses are more than just a nuisance; they can actually cause serious damage to your computer, just as a biological virus can cause damage to your body. There are many different types of viruses, some are just annoying and may cause a message to flash on your screen, while others are more...
29/07/2011 19:07

How To Protect Information Technology Systems - Rootkits

Many defensive technologies have been developed to combat the spread of Internet worms. Unfortunately, there is no single technology that protects against all types of mobile malicious code. Many enterprises rely on only a small set of protective technologies to protect their assets, such as...
28/05/2011 11:11

Harmful Viruses And Other Malwares In Computers

A computer virus is often termed ‘malware’ because it is a type of malicious software. Other types of malware are worms and Trojans. Let’s take a look at each of these below. Viruses A virus usually arrives onto your computer hidden inside of another program which is often delivered by email...
28/05/2011 11:10

Why Do You Need A Window Cleaner

Window cleaner has become an absolute necessity these days because every time you use your computer, every webpage you visit, every image and file – whether multimedia or a movie file - you see, are stored in it. This takes up a lot of disk space, which is quite valuable in terms of storage space....
28/05/2011 11:07

Features And Benefits Of Anti-Spam Software

The best anti-spam software is the one that gives you your privacy. Ideally, an anti-spam device should be the one that delivers only the emails you want, and blocks 100 percent of the emails you do not want. This, though, is never going to be possible. Spammers are always one step ahead, and the...
16/04/2011 15:32

Easy Guide on Networking Your Home Computers

  Easy Guide on Networking your Home Computers Let's say you have 3 desktop computers at your home. One in your kid's room, in your home-office and one in your family room. Your idea is to have all these 3 computers connect to the internet. One computer has an internet connection on a DSL or...
16/04/2011 15:31

Are Cookies Evil What Service Do Cookies Perform In A Web Browser

  Are cookies are bad and do they invade your privacy? We're not talking about the kind of cookie you eat, we're talking about computer cookies! It's not really true that cookies are evil. So, what is a cookie, what's it made of and what does it do? A cookie is a tiny text file that a web...

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