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22/12/2010 19:05

Are Cookies Evil What Service Do Cookies Perform In A Web Browser

  Are cookies are bad and do they invade your privacy? We're not talking about the kind of cookie you eat, we're talking about computer cookies! It's not really true that cookies are evil. So, what is a cookie, what's it made of and what does it do? A cookie is a tiny text file that a web...
22/12/2010 19:03

What Is Firewall

  Traditionally, a firewall is used to protect one unit in a multi-unit building from a fire that occurs in an adjacent unit. The hope is that the firewall will isolate each unit from a disaster in one of its neighbors. Today we use firewalls in computer networks to isolate our network and...
22/12/2010 19:02

How To Boost Your Internet Connection Speed

  Life without surfing the Web is as unthinkable as life without the telephone.No matter what you're doing in any given day, whether it be shopping, checking the weather, or catching up on the events around the world, we all have a tendency to go online to get the scoop on these matters....
17/12/2010 10:27

Broadband Just The Facts

  What Is Broadband? Traditional Internet is called dial-up, because it works through dialing the phone line to access the Internet. Broadband Internet access provides a higher speed of transmitting the data to the user. The line carrying the data can therefore carry more information to the...
17/12/2010 10:25

Wi-fi Wireless Internet Made Simple

    Just what is all this Wi-Fi wireless internet stuff they are trying to confuse and torment me with? It is actually quite simple, useful and most of all convenient. All you probably want to do is to share your internet connection throughout your home whether it be to other computers...
17/12/2010 10:23

Computer No Longer Fast

  Ahh...Remember that first day you brought your computer home, plugged everything in, it was a beautiful site, it was fast, web pages loaded quickly and programs launched within seconds or faster. But after a few months or weeks things began to slow down, and you think oh man what a piece of...
10/12/2010 18:48

What Is The Best Technology To Stop Spam

  Legislative measures failed stop Spam up till now. Since Spam is basically a human problem you can do something about it using anti-spam technology. Anti-spam software is the only thing we have now to block undesired messages. It’s not a foolproof method however. Let’s see why. Most...
10/12/2010 18:46

Checking Computer Security

  Many people wonder whether or not their computer is secure. They fear that someone might be looking through their files, copying, altering, or erasing them. They are uneasy about the thought that someone might be monitoring their every move in cyberspace. These concerns come to mind when...
10/12/2010 18:45

Give Your PC A Boost

  There will be times where you feel your PC could be going a lot faster than it should. It’s time to take a look at some solutions to help make your PC run at peak performance. The Windows registry is a big part in keeping your PC stable. The registry is essentially the catalog or reference...
10/12/2010 18:43

My Slow PC

  Question: Why is my computer running so slow? Do computers slow down when they get older? Answer: No, but here are some of the most common reasons a computer slows down. Background programs running: This is the biggest reason and can be fixed quickly and for free... it's possible that...

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