Properly Cleaning Your Computer

29/07/2011 19:24


A regular cleaning of your computer means a considerable improvement in its effectiveness. You should dedicate 20-30 minutes every 3 months to clean your computer. Here are a few tips:

- Computer keyboard cleaning. Your keyboard gathers a lot of dust and dirt. The keys become sticky and slow down your speed. First, unplug the keyboard when you clean it.

Turn it upside down and shake well to remove crumbs and dirt. Clean the keys using a soft brush or a can of compressed air while holding it upside down. Clean the key tops with a damp cotton cloth using either a mild detergent or rubbing alcohol.

Do not spill liquid over it. If you do so, then wipe it off immediately and let it dry completely. It is a smart idea to keep your keyboard and monitor covered with a cloth when you are not using them.

- Cleaning computer mouse. Take off the cover at the back of the mouse by rotating it anti-clockwise. The ball will come out. There are two thin wheels. Use your fingertips to scratch out the dust that is sticking there. Also shake out dirt that gathers in the hole.

You can wipe the wheels with a mild cleaning agent. Wipe off the ball well with a wet cloth. Use a mild detergent to clean the outside of the mouse. Dry with a soft cloth. Put the ball back into your mouse and close it up.

- Cleaning computer monitor. Use a cloth dampened in water. Do not use detergent or other liquid. Be careful especially with laptop screens that are very sensitive. The strokes should be top to bottom. Paper cloths are highly recommended for monitor screens to avoid any damage.

You can use a mild detergent for the cover. For holes at the back of the cover use an air can spray to take out dust. These vents should be cleaned to avoid overheating of the monitor.

- Remove the case and get to the area where all the hardware parts are located. Cleaning this area is important. Use an air spray to blow out all the dust gathered here. Always ensure that the spray is held in an upright position and blow the dust out of the machine. Everything should be unplugged and avoid any physical contact with the components.

- For CD-ROM drive use a CD-ROM cleaner available with retailers. Cleaning the CD drive prevents reading and writing errors. To clean your CDs just wet a cloth in water and rub it from center to the edge to avoid any scratches.

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