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19/10/2011 19:09

Creating a Wireless Desktop

We live in an age of technology and as such we are always looking for ways to make life easier or ways to make things look better. In the home or office (or even the home office) making things look better involves getting rid of clutter. This is where the wireless desktop comes into play. No...
28/09/2011 11:01

Zone Alarm Security

Are you a computer geek? Hey, I don't mean this as an insult. In this day and age it certainly pays to be computer savvy. Heck, we all have to use computers in some aspect of our lives, whether we like it or not. This is the age of technology folks, and I think we can all appreciate that on many...
28/09/2011 10:57

How To Change Your Computer's Heat Sink

Everyone really want a fast hot computer when we want to do some business computing and when we want to play thos high speed games.But we don't want a fast and Hot computer in the literal sense. Heat will destroy any computer component if not removed in time.And the CPU Chip is one of the main...
16/09/2011 17:09

Wireless Network Security in 6 Easy Steps

Connecting your home and office computers with a wireless network sure makes things convenient ...BUT the very feature that makes them so popular is also their biggest weakness! Anyone with the knowledge can intercept your signal and gain access to your network if it is not secure.Please use the...
07/09/2011 23:06

Protect Your Computer

I will have to be first when I admit I am addicted to the Internet. Whenever I‘ve got a spare hour, I love to just surf around as a form of entertainment. I have also found out about the world of download. I can take the best in modern music and DVD and watch or listen as I do whatever else I...
07/09/2011 23:05

How To Find The Best Spyware Blocker

With the purpose of finding the most excellent spyware blocker for the PC you foremost have to be familiar with what a proper spyware blocker is supposed to do. There is a list of features, which you ought to pay attention to when purchasing anti spyware program and given below are some of those...
07/09/2011 23:02

An Introductory Guide To Firewalls

A firewall, in general is a part of software or a combo of hardware and software together. The function of a firewall is to manage all outgoing and incoming traffic that goes out and comes in to your computer. Nevertheless this elucidation paints an extremely primal image about firewalls. When...
24/08/2011 16:35

Understanding Your PC's CPU Clock Speed And Front Side Bus

Have a computer in your home that is put to use often? Why not take the time to fully understand the terms, the components,and software used to make it work. To understand your PC is not hard and you'll be rewarded greatly. How you ask? By upgrading your own system as well as repairing those...
24/08/2011 16:33

Spyware Get Protected

What’s Spyware? It is a vile and wicked program that gets installed by itself on your computer without taking your permission. You say that you don’t mind having this unwanted software on your computer. Now if I mention that this software can make your computer’s life hell in a way more than that...
24/08/2011 16:31

Keeping Your Computer Safe With A Personal Firewall

There have not been any moments in time in the account of the computer system that anti-virus software and firewalls have been in demand and more necessary. In the present day, personal computer protection is not just endangered by worms and viruses, but in addition by spy-ware – those terribly...

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