Causes and Remedies for Computer that Keeps on Restarting


Have you experienced problems such as turning on your PC, just moments before seeing the desktop, it restarts automatically? Problems such as this in which a computer experiences endless rebooting is usually caused by a computer virus. The signs are obvious. Your machine shuts down for no reason at all, without even touching any of the keys of your keyboard.

Though situations like this is commonly blamed to a computer virus which most likely has successfully invaded your computer hard drive, there are other reasons. In order to know the real problem, cover things one by one; create a checklist to figure out what's going on.

In order to determine the computer problems specifically and carefully, make a checklist like the one I enumerated below:

(a) Check the computer power supply

(b) Check the CPU for dust particles or dust cakes

(c) Check for viruses and worms through trusted virus scanning software

(d) Check the memory and other computer hardware stuff

Aside from computer viruses, bad power supply is the reason why some times your computer experiences rebooting that keeps on repeating. The common situation you would experience in having a bad computer supply is the shutting off of your PC once in a while; then, it seems okay for a couple of hours but in all of a sudden, your computer restarts over and over again. Check your power supply if it gives enough electricity to have your computer run efficiently. Another culprit of recurring computer restarting is the dust. When dust particles start to settle on your CPU, in which lots of them are caked underneath the CPU fan, your computer would experience unexpected rebooting. According to computer experts, this is the usual cause of problems especially to newer computers with 1 Ghz CPU and above. Computers this types run very hot so they need excellent ventilation. More flow of air encourages dusts to settle on your CPU, and to some corners inside it such as CPU fan. In order to fix the problem, you should do regular checking of your CPU at least once a year and clean the dust off. Computer hardware issues can also be other causes of experiencing this kind of problem. Perhaps, your PC has bad memory or bad video card that makes the running of your computer fail.

Try also booting your computer in Safe Mode. If the problem persists, the cause maybe the software installed in your computer. If not the software, then other reason for booting failure might be the newly installed drivers. To resolve the problem, try restoring the system if you are using Windows XP. Also, try Window registry cleaner. Perhaps, your window registry is too crowded because of some stored unnecessary files in the hard drive. Ask the assistance of computer experts such as those people you find in the nearest computer stores or computer equipment rental hubs. Computer experts are the doctors of sick computers. Figuring out the cause of a problem and solutions for that problem is easy for them. If you think you can't handle computer problems all by yourself, computer experts exist to help you.


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