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15/10/2010 07:09


Windows 7 comes with a stylish end-user interface Windows Security Center is now known as Windows Solution Center, and it is responsible for maintaining the security of the system. Windows 7 makes the already robust BitLocker protection in Windows Vista even easier to use, while extending protection to USB storage devices, enabling them to be secured with a pass phrase.

There are lots of new features in Windows 7, but here are a few that are more IT pro-ish Burning ISOs to CDs or DVDs directly from Explorer. Windows 7’s Calculator features 4 modes, much to the delight of all the number crunching geeks out there:StandardScientificProgrammerStatistics. In Windows 7 if you bring up the Windows Features control panel by clicking on Turn Windows Features on or off” or just typingWindows features in the start menu you will see the following in the Release Candidate. These same files are staged so that the features can easily be added back to the running OS without additional media.

According to Rivera's analysis, Windows 7 checks the user's allowed domain and username, then unlocks the features if it decides the user is a full-time worker.

You will soon be able to disable certain integrated Microsoft applications that you don’t need in Windows 7such as Internet Explorer 8

Gadgets are standalone applications that sit on the desktop (some are hosted on another server). GadgetsGadgets are programs that run on the desktop and provide at-a-glance information, and easy access to frequently used tools. There are web gadgets, sidebar gadgets, and sideshow gadgets run on external displays.

Windows 7 Gadgets are mini programs that run on the desktop( sidebar killed) and provide at-a-glance information, and easy access to frequently used tools.

Rivera's tool lets users access Windows 7's new taskbar a feature that Microsoft heavily promoted at the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) in late Octoberas well as other unfinished bits of the operating system, including multitouch gestures and a dynamic desktop slide show that pulls images from Web-based feeds, Driver Protection helps prevent the operating system from starting drivers that are known to cause stability problems.

As we head closer to Windows7 launch, expect to see more features being ported for Vista and XP till we can try them on actual Windows7 operating system. Improving existing features may seem more important to people who understand the existing features and know how they can be improved, but the majority of people who will be purchasing the new operating system don't know anything about that, and if the only thing that is improved is things that the average user doesn't notice, the average user isn't going to see any reason to upgrade to the new OS. Faster boot up time, standby resume, launching common applications, reducing the time it takes for the OS to recognize a reinserted USB device, particularly a flash drive, faster playback of DVD movies, improved response and memory usage of the desktop window manager including taskbar and start menu, reducing the operating system's overall footprint, reducing freezes and hangs.

The new Windows 7 features will help determine if the operating system is a success or if it follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, Windows Vista. But one thing that's not new is the operating system kernel: Windows 7 is based on the Vista kernel, instead of an entirely new one.

Computers that run Windows Vista well should run Windows 7 as well, if not better, which reduces the expense of upgrading and helps you get the most value from your hardware purchases.


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