Tips And Technical Support To Increase Internet Speed

12/10/2010 18:36


While using the Internet, it is possible that you may encounter problems related to Internet speed and connection. However, by following certain tips this issue can be easily resolved.

Tips to increase Internet speed

Internet Browsing/ Images: Set up Internet Browser to not to show or download images while browsing will open the pages instantly. This further enables you to read the content of the page without waiting for the entire page to load. This set-up can be easily done in Microsoft internet Explorer. All you need to do is go to:

Tools –> Internet Options –> Advance Tabs –> Scroll down till you notice Show Pictures –> Uncheck.

Firewalls: Blocking few programs that try to connect to the Internet will indeed assist to enjoy Internet with good speed. It is really surprising how many applications attempt to link to Internet without your consent (like WinAmp player that automatically tries to check for updates).

Download Managers: Ensure that you got a program with resume option. This feature enables you to continue downloading a file at the time when your Internet connection is lost while downloading. Few download links are not direct and do not support resuming.

Cache: Never delete cache often, since your Internet connection is low. Your cache will not make up to gigabytes, thus do not freak out in case you get 200 MB files cached after thirty days. It is absolutely perfect. Relax!

Stop: Avoid using any connection. Upgrading the current Internet connection is one of the finest ways for optimizing and boosting the speed of the internet. Use a connection that is reliable and effective.


The above mentioned tips to increase Internet speed may not prove to be handy every time, which further can put you in curios.


It is recommended to increase the speed of your Internet, take assistance provide by various computer support service providers.


Slow Internet connection can drastically ruin your work, thus it essential to take adequate steps for resolving this issue. Following certain tips may assist you to enhance the speed of your Internet. Or else, availing technical support rectifies the problem for you.

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