Things To Do In A Data Loss Situation

15/10/2010 07:15


If you face a data loss situation, you should do certain things to prevent further or permanent loss of your data. A data loss situation may rise for various reasons like hard drive failure, crash, accidental deletion, files overwritten, power outages etc. It may happen to your laptop, PC, camera storage card, mp3 player, USD pen drive, or any data storage device. But don’t get panic stricken in a data loss situation. Most of the data loss situations are manageable and you can get back your important lost data.

Here follows some important suggestions one should follow in a data loss situation in order to prevent permanent loss of data as well as maximize the effect of the data retrieval process.

In a data loss situation, you should at first try to identify the causes of the data loss. It is the first and foremost step after you have faced a data loss situation. There are some problems such as accidental data deletion, file corruption, virus attack etc. These situations can be handled by simply using the data recovery software. But don’t use the free software that requires personal information. In a data loss situation you may search for the free data recovery software. But avoid the free software, which requires your personal information. If you share your personal information, you may lose your data for ever.

Use the high quality software: In order to have absolute and safe Recovery, you should use powerful and advanced Data Recovery software. Using poor quality Hard Drive Recovery tools may result into further or permanent data loss.

But data loss situation may also be caused by the physical damage. It is a more difficult situation and in such a situation you will have to take the professional help.

Stop using the affected disk drive: In a data loss situation, do not run the affected disk drive anymore. Overwriting your lost data may make the recovery process more difficult if not impossible in some cases.

Do not use the regular disk tools: By using such regular disk tools as ScanDisk or Disk Defragmentation you will cause more harm than good to your data.

Use the safe and recognized data recovery service: The safest way to recovering your files is to use a certified data recovery service. You can take help form the specialists, who will do the data recovery for you. An experienced data recovery specialist may help you retrieve your data in the shortest possible time.

Stop running off the computer if you hear any noises: If suddenly you begin to hear any strange noises in your computer, you should stop your computer instantly. Making noises implies that something is going wrong with your computer.

So, keep in mind the above tips in case you fall victim of a data loss situation.


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