The Top Ten Spyware And Adware Threats That Exists To Harm Your Computer

05/11/2010 13:46


If you have a computer, then chances are you have either spyware or adware lurking on it somewhere. Estimates suggest that 90% of computers are infected with malicious software (malware) of some type. They take over your computer, infest it with pop-ups and other junk, or even worse, steal your private information. Although there are countless types of spyware and adware, these are the ones generally considered the biggest threats to your computer.

Gator - This adware is designed to track the sites you surf and so get a picture of your online interests. Once it has enough data, it starts to bombard you with everything from banner ads to pop-ups on similar subjects, hoping to grab your interest and attention. Generally your computer gets infected with Gator when you share files through Kazaa or other means, or when you download freeware.

n-Case - Another type of adware, which subjects you to an endless flood of pop-up ads. Downloading freeware from online sites is the way your computer usually gets infected with this malware.

PurtyScan - This is particularly sneaky adware. First it displays a pop-up ad on your computer offering to detect any pornographic content on your computer, with an offer to remove it. If you click on the ad, however, you end up a website which then infiltrates your computer with even more spyware and adware.

Transponder - Similar to Gator, in that it 'watches' your online behavior, then bombards you with ads that this malware decides are relevant.

CoolWebSearch - This malware is certainly not cool, but malicious. The first step is that it hijacks your Internet settings and web page, and then redirects you to another web page of its own. As you can imagine, that website is full of more adware and spyware, waiting to get into your computer.

Internet Optimizer - You could almost call this piece of malware a hacker. It takes control of your home page, and also any other web pages you visit. The final step is to pass you on to its own web page, so that it can download other malware onto your computer.

Perfect KeyLogger - This malware is a tool for hackers. It can record your keystrokes, which makes it simple to find out private information such as credit card numbers, passwords and other private details. These are then passed on to the hacker.

ISTbar/Aupdate - Although it pretends to be a toolbar, this is still malware. It's a form of spyware, and it operates by continually displaying pornographic images and pop-up ads on your computer, which is both embarrassing and annoying. It also takes control of your Internet settings and web page.

TIBS Dialer - If you access the Internet via a dial-up connection, this malware will hijack your phone modem and then transfer you to various websites full of pornography.

Keen Value - This malware starts out by tracking your online behavior, analyzing every website you visit. It also collects your personal information if you fill out any forms online, and then bombards with endless advertisements, many of which link through to websites full of dangerous malware.

This is why protection is always important even if you surf the next just once a week.


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