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07/09/2011 23:06

I will have to be first when I admit I am addicted to the Internet. Whenever I‘ve got a spare hour, I love to just surf around as a form of entertainment. I have also found out about the world of download. I can take the best in modern music and DVD and watch or listen as I do whatever else I want. This is the kind of thing that absolutely anyone could become addicted to. Whatever entertainment you want for the cost of your Internet connection! Wow.

As perhaps you would expect, when I am online all the time I run into a few problems that I have had to deal with. When downloading, you are simply asking for problems when these files are not being scanned before you actually download them. I lost all information from my hard disk before, and that includes my financial records, my photographs and the all the games, and DVDs and music which I had downloaded along the way.

Before, I just had some anti-virus software called Norton which was just on my computer when I bought it. I thought it worked fine but occasionally some viruses would get through. Yes only occasionally, but this is not good enough when your computer could just crash at any given time. This is a problem that you have to tackle before some malware or spyware penetrates your hard drive or the internals of your computer. My friend's PC just started switching off whenever it pleased as a result of this and the same thing could easily happen to you.

So basically what I would recommend is that you do not surf the Internet, then your current protection will probably be ok. However if you do, then you absolutely have to upgrade your virus package.

So now I don’t rely on any rubbish package for anti-virus protection. You simply have to update your as well if you want to protect your computer. Because the Internet changes every minute, so does the viruses that your anti-virus software has to tackle. That is why you need software which automatically updates itself via your Internet connection. Think about when a new virus pops-along. Will your two-year old package be able to defend your computer? I do not think so some how.

And other thing that you need from anti-virus software is something that will come with support functionality. Imagine when you realize that you have zero idea how to upload your software. You need a call-center that is going to ensure you can get it working on your computer. You should actually get software which directly meets your surfing habits. If you do not then you are just asking for problems to happen. Look at the software and ask questions. Will this be able to handle downloading from peer-to-peer networks?

Basically, if you spend your time online or even if you work from the Internet then you cannot afford not to invest in some quality anti-virus protection. Having some rubbish package is better than nothing, however things are far more sophisticated these days, and you really need something that is going to work. It is a wise investment, and think how much money you will save once you start downloading free stuff online?

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