Not All Spyware Is Malicious But Must Be Removed

20/10/2010 10:47


Though not all Spyware is malicious they must be removed all the same. The reason being that they will ultimately expand the registry of the system and stall the programs and generally make the system unstable.

Some people believe that you may not always need to remove spyware because Spyware is not always malicious. There are many kinds of Spyware that can infect your PC. Most of them are, thankfully, not uploaded with malicious intent. But why take chances. First of all let us analyze how Spyware comes to get onto the system in the first place. People who browse the Internet come across many sites that offer free download. Clicking on these downloads may bring with it some program in the background or hidden from the user. This may be in the form of ActiveX controls or components. When we download certain programs the download program flashes a message requiring the user to allow the download of an ActiveX control without which the download will not work. This ActiveX control is registered in the CLSID files of the registry. Once the download is complete the ActiveX control stored as a .OCX file begins its stealthy work. Best Spyware removal programs are especially weary of ActiveX controls and remove any malicious looking .OCX files.

Not All Spyware Cause Damage

Spyware is not always illegal. You may have inadvertently agreed to the use of the Spyware by clicking on the 'agree' button without reading the agreement. This kind of Spyware, however, does not carry out any malicious activity. It just collects data off all the Internet sites you visit and mails the information to the host where it came from. This does not mean that you cannot remove it when you want. You can do so with certain free Spyware Virus removal programs that search and remove adware and Spyware as well. There are malicious and downright criminal Spyware as well. This type of Spyware locates personal information such as that pertaining to your credit card or online bank information and is used for criminal activities usually causing a lot of damage to you. The system must be regularly scanned with free Spyware Adware removal utilities and then the registry cleaned with a registry cleaner to make sure the system is always secure.

Run Anti Spyware Every Time You Think Of It

Spyware can be removed from the system by using anti Spyware programs. However the anti Spyware software does not remove the entries of the ware from the registry. Special free anti Spyware removal software is required to do just that. Free anti Spyware removal software such as Microsoft Spyware removal tool, Yahoo Spyware removal utility or any of the free Spyware removal tools can scan the registry for broken links and useless entries that are no longer linked to programs. These free Spyware removal tools will then remove these entries from the registry freeing up disk space and compacting the registry for efficient use.


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