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10/12/2010 18:45


There will be times where you feel your PC could be going a lot faster than it should. It’s time to take a look at some solutions to help make your PC run at peak performance.

The Windows registry is a big part in keeping your PC stable. The registry is essentially the catalog or reference source for your computer. When you open a program such as your media player or word processor or even an Internet browser, your computer queries the registry to find where the program is stored. The registry contains references to a large majority of settings and values for the operating system as well as its programs, user profiles, document types, hardware, ports and more. Whatever is inputted or outputted through your system is noted by the registry. And yet, Windows Registry problems are the common cause for a majority of crashes, reduced PC performance and error messages.

Tampering with a system registry requires a thorough knowledge of computers. It is recommended that if you do attempt to work on the registry, you should make sure you back it up in case a mistake is made, and secondly, you should make sure you know what you’re doing before playing around with it. If a mistake is made, you can cause some major errors on your system.

The unfortunate news is that your registry will require maintenance every now and then just like other components in your PC such as your hard drive and RAM. Think of your PC as a guitar. The more you use it constantly, the more it can go out of tune. You have to make sure to fine tune it on a gradual basis, otherwise it may not play so well.

A good way to clean out your registry and boost your PC’s performance is by finding some top rated registry cleaners. Once again, we will plug the download section on our website. The best free downloads or trial software can be found at Be sure to check it out to make sure you are using the best type of software the Internet can offer. We have done all of the researching for you. All you have to do is find us, and use our resources.

To summarize what a registry cleaning program does, it literally fixes a large mass of PC errors and can end such headaches as computer crashes, system instability, error messages, severe lag time and more. You can definitely notice a large boost in your computer shortly after using these excellent software programs, but again, don’t just rely on this software.

Using Scandisk to clean your hard drive of bad errors can help solve some issues relating to your hard drive if errors occur. Remember to give your computer a very thorough cleaning from time to time to keep your performance at its peak rate. Also keep in mind to vacuum out your computer to avoid dust contamination.

Warning! Before deciding to open your computer case, you should be aware that your body can contain static electricity that may be discharged to the circuits inside your computer. A static discharge can damage or ruin your computer. Therefore prior to doing any work inside your computer, you should get a grounding strap. A grounding strap can be attached to one of your wrists and be plugged into the wall (if it is the type made for a wall outlet). If you don't have the ground strap made for the wall outlet, you may need to attach your ground strap to a cold water pipe. A ground strap grounds your body using the earth ground in the wall outlet or from a cold water pipe. A grounding strap should cost less than twenty dollars and should be available at an electrical equipment store. You should always wear a ground strap when working inside your computer case. Especially when working with the microprocessor, memory, motherboard, or other plug in boards.

Now, make sure your PC box is unplugged, take off the cover, discharge your system by de-pressing the power button twice. This is important because if your vacuum cleaner is metallic and makes contact with other metal while power is still residual, you can blow out components in your hardware. It is best to use a plastic vacuum when cleaning. Use the brush extension on your vacuum to get all the dust out of your PC’s air intakes, case fan, hardware components and more.


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